Courage for Callum

On Thursday, our school was taken over by superheroes!

The whole school came dressed as their favourite superhero for a special reason. We were raising money for one of our students in grade Prep who has neuroblastoma – a nasty form of childhood cancer.

Callum is in our Prep Buddy class so we tried to get behind the cause.

The school also took donations for Callum and his family to help make their life easier. There was face painting on the day and even Mrs Hurley dressed up! (We’re still not sure who Sailor Moon is but we believe her when she tells us she was a very convincing Sailor Moon…) We also had a special sausage sizzle lunch.

We had a great day and hope that our efforts will help make Callum and his family’s life a little easier.

What was your favourite part about our Superhero Dress Up Day?

9 thoughts on “Courage for Callum

  1. To 5/6 G,
    We had the most fun at Courage for Callum!
    We all dressed up as superheroes and some of the teachers were the best! We all had so much fun from the face-painting to the sausage sizzle. But most importantly we raised a whole heap of money for Callum and his Family!
    From Taylah and Rianna

  2. Dear class,

    Wow, there was so many Super Heroes on Courage For Callum day.

    Callum is mine and Sebastian’s buddy. Go Callum!

    From Ben

  3. Dear class,
    My favourite part of the Courage for Callum day was getting to dress up and not look like an idiot and putting some cash in for Callum.
    I think it’s great that we had a dress up day for the little guy and got to have some fun along the way!
    From Cooper

  4. Hi 5/6 G,
    My favourite part of the dress up day was dressing up! We got to have a sausage sizzle to help raise money for Callum and his hospital fees. I dressed up in casual clothes then I got my face painted and I had a bat girl mask painted on. It was a great day!
    From Alannah

  5. Dear class,
    Callum has had a rough time so he deserves the care and money to pay for the treatments.
    From Lachlan D

  6. Hi everyone,
    We had a superhero dress up day for Callum to raise money to help him. He suffers from neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. we even had a sausage sizzle. We all had a great time.
    From Diya

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