Australian Immigration Incursion

On Tuesday, we had an incursion at school to help us learn more about Australian immigration. We looked at significant events in history that lead to groups of people migrating to Australia – for example, during the Gold Rush, many people from China came to Australia and after the Vietnam War, Australia took in many Vietnamese refugees.

We ordered these events – from as early as the first settlers and convicts to modern immigration – to make a human timeline.

Then we broke into groups to complete 4 different tasks. For one task, we reconstructed graphs showing migrant populations in different cities and other immigration statistics.

We also put together jigsaw puzzles to find out about which countries take in the most refugees.

We played “Famous Australian Migrants” Bingo and tested each other on the citizenship test. Most of us would have failed the test and not been allowed to live in Australia.

What was your favourite part of the incursion? What’s one thing that you learnt?

8 thoughts on “Australian Immigration Incursion

  1. Hi 5/6 G,
    My favourite part of the immigration incursion was when we did the rotations in the groups. My favourite rotation was the one when we had to make a graph about immigration and stuff. My graph was on 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations and the percentage of how many people in what category. From Rianna.

  2. Hi everyone! my favorite part of the incursion would be when split into groups to study one particular immigration group. i was studying British immigration with Shaila and Jack. From Natalie W

  3. HI 5/6G
    The immigration incursion was fun and my favorite activity was the first activity that was when we had to pick an item and learned about it.
    From Rebecca

  4. Hi 5/6G
    My favorite part of the Immigration incursion was when we spilt in groups and had to say information about our topic or part of time but I also had fun doing the rotation’s
    From Mia

  5. My favourite part about the incursion was building
    the country puzzles, and seeing how many refugees were in that country.
    From Lachlan De

  6. Hi everybody,
    My favourite part of the incursion was the country puzzles, they were awesome! I liked putting the different parts of the country together and working out what the shape of the country should look like. In the incursion, I chose to wear the Vietnamese hat because it looked cool. Have you ever traveled to Vietnam? I think I would like to go there.
    From Cooper

  7. Dear 5/6 G
    my favorite part of the incursion was the jigsaw puzzle because it was interesting. One thing I learnt was that guy Sebastian was born in Malaysia.

    From Matthew

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