Making Connections

In class, we have been practising making connections when we read.

We can make Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text and Text-to-World connections.

We have been reading picture story books in class and practising making deep connections instead of surface connections. We read the book ‘Elephant Man’ and made the surface connection that:

Joseph Merrick was sad like Riley in the movie ‘Inside Out’.

We changed this surface connection into a deep connection:

Joseph Merrick was feeling sad and abandoned when the Austrian took all of his money. This is similar to the character Riley in ‘Inside Out’ when she is running away from home and is on the bus alone

Today, we read the book ‘Flight’ by Nadia Wheatley and made connections to the Syrian refugees, people without homes and our own families.

What is your favourite picture story book that we can read together and practise making connections to?

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