Making Connections

In class, we have been practising making connections when we read.

We can make Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text and Text-to-World connections.

We have been reading picture story books in class and practising making deep connections instead of surface connections. We read the book ‘Elephant Man’ and made the surface connection that:

Joseph Merrick was sad like Riley in the movie ‘Inside Out’.

We changed this surface connection into a deep connection:

Joseph Merrick was feeling sad and abandoned when the Austrian took all of his money. This is similar to the character Riley in ‘Inside Out’ when she is running away from home and is on the bus alone

Today, we read the book ‘Flight’ by Nadia Wheatley and made connections to the Syrian refugees, people without homes and our own families.

What is your favourite picture story book that we can read together and practise making connections to?

Mystery Skype

On Wednesday morning, students in 5/6G participated in a Mystery Skype. Mrs Hurley knew which class we were Skyping with but couldn’t tell us where they were.

Mystery Skyping is where two classes come together without knowing which school or where in the world the other class is. Each class takes turns to ask closed questions to narrow down the location of the other class. If you ask a question and receive a ‘No’ response, then it is the other class’ turn to ask a question.

Before we skyped, we talked about the general types of questions we could ask to narrow down the other class’ location. We decided the the best way to firstly narrow it down was to ask “Are you in the Southern hemisphere?”

There are different roles for everyone in the class so that we can all participate. We really enjoyed learning this way. We got to practise our skills in communication, geography, collaboration and ICT.

 Zoe & Alannah were great journalists for our class. They took photos and wrote a short blog entry:


On the 22/3/17 we did a mystery skype.

This our the jobs people did Photographer, google mapper, tweeter runners, answers, questioners, filters, greeter, and think tankers.

The school was called Mernda primary school.

The mystery skype started of with a funny start they started of mute.

They found us in less than 10 –15 minutes because someone turned around and showed our school name. In the end we found out that it was Chris’ from last year! He left our school and went to an other school in Mernda.

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Skype? What would you change? Which role would you take on next time?

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017! Year 5/6G will be using this blog to share their learning with the world.

By now, you should have had some experiences with using blogs in school. Show off your knowledge – leave a 5 Star Comment below. Tell us when you have used blogs in class before.

We are looking forward to flattening our classroom walls and collaborating with people from all around the world.

Thanks for stopping by!