How Do We Choose Books?

We have been focusing on our reading lately in class. At the beginning of the year, we discussed strategies for choosing “Just Right” books – like the 5 Finger Test and “iPick”.

We have been working on building our reading stamina – similar to when we attempt challenges and our brain grows, the more we read, the more our reading muscle is exercised and the longer we can do it for!

This week, we talked about how we actually choose books to read. How do we know if we will be interested in reading them? What happens if we start reading a book and it’s boring? We also started taking advantage of any spare time we have and tried to fill it with reading – Mrs Hurley said we are allowed to “steal” reading moments!

Here are some ways we came up with for how we choose books to read:


Can you think of any other ways that you choose books? Do you agree with what we have on our list? Have you read a really good book lately that you can share?


Growth Mindset

In our class, we have been talking about what makes positive behaviours and how we can give each other feedback to improve ourselves and our work.

This feedback doesn’t mean that we are hopeless – it just means we have room for improvement and we should keep trying.

We have just started using “Class Dojo” to keep us on track with behaviours that assist our learning and the learning of others. Sometimes in class, we will hear a “DING” noise from the front of the room because Mrs Hurley has given someone a ‘positive’ point. We get to use our detective skills to think about who it could be and why they would have received a ‘positive’. Then we can use those people as role models.

We watched a Class Dojo video on ‘Growth Mindset’. This means that a person is not born with their intelligence and they have to keep exercising their brain like a muscle so that it gets stronger!

Watch the video here:

Do you have a growth mindset? Have you ever caught yourself giving ‘negative’ self-talk in your head? What are other ways you can think about a difficult situation?



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